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Markets and applications for advanced fuel cells: IEA Annex V:Advanced fuel cells - systems analysis
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ECN 1995
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ECN-I--95-005 Other
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The main objective of Annex 5 is to get a better overall understanding ofhow fuel cell systems correspond with outer sources and connections and thus, how they should be constructed in an optimal way to meet the user's requirements from a technical and economical point of view. The initial 2 years phase of this Annex, with participation from seven countries (Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom), is concluded by the end of 1994. Sweden was the Operating Agent. The work is divided into different sub-tasks dealing with economical aspects, market aspects, technological aspects (technical requirements), modelling and environmental aspects. In this report the market aspects of advanced fuel cell systems are dealt with. Information from the individual countries has been collected, analyzed and compared in order to arrive at a consistent overall picture for the market and applications of fuel cell systems. The market aspects concerned the potential market size for different applications, including on-site, dispersed and centralized fuel cell units as well as typical unit size and competing technologies in the participating countries. 12 tabs.

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