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Computer model of the Archmimedes wave swing
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ECN 1996
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ECN-I--95-049 Other
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The Archimedes Wave Swing is a new method for converting wave energy intoelectrical power. Its principle is explained in a separate report: 'The Archimedes Wave Swing, a new way of utilising wave energy' (ECN-I--95-030). An AWS system consists of a number of air filled vessels floating at neutral buoyancy some fifteen meters below the surface of the sea. Depending whether the top or the trough of a wave is present above the floater it sinks or rises. The oncoming waves cause in this way an oscillating movement of the floater. Some of the energy extracted from the waves is stored in the rotational movement of the floater that is mechanically coupled to the vertical movement. This energy storage smooths the movement of the floater and helps it to reverse its direction from going down into rising again and vice versa. This makes a larger stroke possible and thus increases the amount of energy extracted from the waves. To assess the dynamical effects on its performance fairly early in the evaluation process, a simple dynamic model was made, describing the behavior of one floater acting against a source of constant air pressure. The model is briefly described. 2 figs.

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