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Validation of design criteria for small wind turbines
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ECN 1996
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ECN-RX--96-031 Other
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An experimental validation of the simplified load calculation method forsmall wind turbines given in the IEC 1400-2 standard has been carried out in an international JOULE II project. The objective was to validate the method, to formulate recommendations for refinement of the method, and to formulate guidelines for the designers in the application of the standard. Results and specific experiences encountered with the applied method are presented. General findings are that the existence of a simplified method is very practical for the designer but that the applicability of the present method still is too limited in view of the large variety of small wind turbine concepts. For some of the load cases the present formulation is inadequate. Improvement and refinement of the standard is necessary, and the project gives specific recommendations. Furthermore, the experience in the project has shown that adequate measurement of power curve is necessary to determine essential design values to be used in the load calculations. Tests for checking dynamic behaviour of the machine seem to be vital in order to evaluate appropriateness of the load assumptions. 3 tabs., 3 refs.

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