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Visualization of the stalled area on large wind turbine blades
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ECN 1996
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ECN-RX--96-040 Other
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A new detector to visualize stall, that can be seen as the successor oftufts, was developed. ECN applied for a patent on the detector recently. This detector, the so-called 'stall flag', enables clear visualisation of the stalled area even on large commercial wind turbines at low cost. The method provides 'fast results', which is of special importance for the rapid development of commercial wind turbines. This paper starts with an overview of the arguments to develop the stall flags. Then the design of the stall flag and the precise set-up of the visualisation method are presented. Also the first results of the application of stall flags on turbines in the field will be described. Among these results are high quality photographs of the stalled area on a 10 m diameter wind turbine and several test pictures of the Rotorline 32 rotor of the Nedwind 30 wind turbine. 6 figs., 3 refs.

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