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Energetisch ketenbeheer: indirecte energie-effecten als gevolg van productverbeteringen
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ECN 1-2-2000
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ECN-I--00-004 Other
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A method to quantify the so-called 'Indirect Energy Effects' isdescribed. These effects are defined as the change in energy usage due to a modification that a producer makes to his product, but which occur outside his company or production facility. Producers have the opportunity to modify their products. Product modification may effect the energy consumption of other producers or the users of this modified product. It could also have impact on product disposal or recycling after use. Modifications of products may also have effects on the quantity and quality of the required raw materials resources and consequently on the energy needed to produce these raw materials. ECN has developed this method for calculation of the indirect energy effects because a universal and systematic procedure to calculate these effects was not available. Due to the fact that more than one party is involved in the case of indirect effects of energy reduction, problems may arise on allocation of the total results to the involved parties. The method has been applied to a exemplified problem in which the total energy use of a system containing several product/process chains is calculated. The results clearly show which effects occur

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