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Nieuwe coatingtechnieken voor het MKB: Dikke deklagen
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ECN Environment & Energy Engineering 1-2-2006
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ECN-RX--06-051 Other
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This publication is a part of in total 5 publications produced in the framework of the knowledge transfer project 'New Coating technologies for Medium and Small Enterprises' initiated by FME/CWM and the Netherlands Institute for Materials Research, NIMR. In this publication coating techniques for the application of thick coatings on hard surfaces are discussed. Because of the wide variety of coating technologies these are limited to surfacing, thermal spraying, explosive cladding, laser cladding, galvanising, electroless plating and hot dip processes, producing coatings of 10 ┬Ám thickness and thicker, up to 10 mm. The aim of the publication is to inform medium and small enterprises about coating possibilities referring to coating functionality: corrosion resistance, wear resistance, possibilities of repair, aesthetic aspects. These are addressed in relation to design aspects. Also the possibilities and limitations of the coating techniques are discussed. In addition to this publication, selection tables were made. These are attached in the appendix but can also be addressed as an excell file on the website www.coating All publications and information will be published on the internet website of this project: Downloading is free of charge. This publication will be published as FME/CWM Tech-Info-sheet nr TI.05.24.

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