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BLADKNIK FINAL REPORT. Results of the Bladknik project
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ECN Wind Energy 26-6-2008
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ECN-E--06-014 ECN publication
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Within the Dutch research project Bladknik buckling load prediction tools were improved and/or developed for application to wind turbine rotor blade design. These tools were implemented and validated in the wind turbine design package Focus. The buckling load analysis tools include the more simple panel-based solution methods, the cross-sectional based program Finstrip, and an option to generate input for more detailed analysis with a finite element package. For each of the tasks in the Bladknik project description the objectives and the results are summarised with references to the more detailed technical reports. These tasks include the validation of the tools and some parameter studies. The panel-based solution methods are less accurate but fast and robust enough to trace the load combination from a design load set that is most critical for buckling. Compared to the work from the former Starion and Buckblade projects, the tools that were developed in the Bladknik project are more robust, a bit more accurate and also allow buckling of the sandwich shear webs. The increased robustness makes Focus more suitable for searching the most buckling-critical load combination and for finding the strongest layup of a laminate. Finally some recommendations are given for building a blade model in Focus, and for having a design with high buckling strength.

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