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Publications from author Frikkee, E. 
Drost, A.; Haije, W.G.; Frikkee, E.; Endstra, T.; Nieuwenhuys, G.J.; Buschow, K.H.J.;
Low-temperature structure of UNi2Sn
ECN-RX--93-077 EN 1993; 20 pag.
Vennix, C.W.H.M.; Frikkee, E.; Eggenkamp, P.J.T.; Swagten, H.J.M.; Kopinga, K.; Jonge, W.J.M. de;
Neutron diffraction study of the carrier-concentration-induced ferromagnet to spin glass transition in the diluted magnetic semiconductor Sn1-; xMnxTe
ECN-RX--93-014 EN 1993; 40 pag.
Frikkee, E.; Veen, H.M. van;
Toepassing van polymeermembranen voor gasscheiding in kolenvergassingsinstallaties = ECN-I--92-026
ECN-I--92-026 NL 1992; 54 pag.
Vennix, C.W.H.M.; Frikkee, E.; Swagten, H.J.M.; Kopinga, K.; Jonge, W.J.M. de;
Neutron diffraction on the diluted magnetic semiconductor Sn1-xMnxTe.
ECN-RX--90-064 EN 1990; 0 pag.
Bottger, A.; Frikkee, E.; Keijser, T.H. de; Mittemeijer, E.J.;
Occurrence of incoherent alpha''-Fe16N2 at room temperature in iron-nitrogen martensite observed by neutron and X-ray diffraction.
ECN-RX--90-040 EN 1990; 0 pag.
Verweij, H.; Bruggink, W.H.M.; Steeman, R.A.; Frikkee, E.; Helmholdt, R.B.;
Oxidation enthalpy of YBa2Cu3O6 in relation with phase behaviour and stoichiometry.
ECN-I--90-005 EN 1990; 0 pag.