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Publications from author Aaldijk, J.K. 
Aaldijk, J.K.; Vroegindeweij, C.; Watkins, P.;
Verification of the definition of the HB11 beam in the INEL treatment planning software as applied to the NKI-head phantom
ECN-C--97-102 EN 1997; 21 pag.
Wichers, V.A.; Aaldijk, J.K.; Betue, P.A.C. de; Harry, R.J.S.;
Computer-optimized y-NDA geometries for uranium enrichment verification of gaseous UF6
ECN-RX--93-050 EN 1993; 6 pag.
Aaldijk, J.K.;
Evaluation of Pu isotopic composition of gamma-ray spectrometry measurements on PERLA samples.
ECN-I--90-048 EN 1990; 0 pag.
Aaldijk, J.K.; Betue, P.A.C. de;
Gamma-ray spectrometric enrichment determination on a low enriched UF6 sample.
ECN-I--90-013 EN 1990; 0 pag.