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Publications from author Nolthenius, H.J. 
Voorbraak, W.P.; Appelman, K.H.; Nolthenius, H.J.; Osmera, B.; Posta, S.; Turzik, Z.;
International neutron metrology in the LVR-15 research reactor
ECN-RX--97-003 EN 1997; 10 pag.
Published in: Paper presented at the 9th ASTM-ENS symposium on Reactor Dosimetry, Prague, 2-6 September 1996 (), , Ed., p.-.
Voorbraak, W.P.; Baard, J.H.; Paardekooper, A.; Nolthenius, H.J.;
Neutron fluence measurement in the cavity of Balakovo nuclear power plant,unit 3
ECN-I--96-054 EN 1996; 40 pag.
Nolthenius, H.J.;
Niobium cross-sections and their uncertainties
ECN-I--93-039 EN 1993; 28 pag.
Zsolnay, E.M.; Nolthenius, H.J.;
On the quality of the uncertainty information in the International Reactor Dosimetry File IRDF-90 : (version June 1992)
ECN-I--93-019 EN 1993; 112 pag.
Nolthenius, H.J.; Zsolnay, E.M.; Szondi, E.J.;
Testing of the IRDF-90 cross-section library in benchmark neutron spectra
ECN-RX--93-093 EN 1993; 10 pag.
Nolthenius, H.J.;
Characterization of the data of a possible update of the international reactor dosimetry file IRDF-90 : Comments, documentation and comparisons = ; ECN-I--92-014
ECN-I--92-014 EN 1992; 58 pag.
Alberman, A.; Dierckx, R.; Nolthenius, H.J.; Voorbraak, W.P.;
Status of radiation damage dosimetry for fusion materials testing in reactors
ECN-RX--92-015 EN 1992; 19 pag.
Zsolnay, E.M.; Nolthenius, H.J.;
Test of the IRDF-90.V.1. reactor dosimetry library.
ECN-I--91-004 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Ketema, D.J.; Nolthenius, H.J.;
Neutron metrology in LAMPF, USA. : Experiments coded No. 986 and No. 987.
ECN-C--90-039 EN 1990; 0 pag.
Alberman, A.; Nolthenius, H.J.; Voorbraak, W.P.;
Status of radiation damage evaluation in fusion materials irradiation experiments. : Report presented at the 7th ASTM-EURATOM symposium on ; reactor dosimetry, Strasbourg, 27-31 August 1990.
ECN-RX--90-053 EN 1990; 0 pag.