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Publications from author Thijssen, P.J.M. 
Konings, R.J.M.; Abrahams, K.; Franken, W.M.P.; Gruppelaar, H.; Kloosterman, J.L.; Thijssen, P.J.M.; Conrad, R.;
Technological aspects of transmutation of technetium and iodine
ECN-RX--93-058 EN 1993; 6 pag.
Teunissen, G.J.A.; Thijssen, P.J.M.; Dekker, F.; Pruimboom, H.;
Towards a new HFR standard core equipped with fuel elements and control rods containing 450 and 310 gram U-235 fresh fuel mass.
ECN-I--90-009 EN 1990; 0 pag.