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Publications from author Booij, A.S. 
Booij, A.S.; Aalberts, M.; Lebedeva, N.P.; Voropaev, I. ; Simonov, P.A.; Romanenko, A.V. ; Bukhtiyarov, V.I.;
Catalyst Structure - Performance Trends for Sibunit Carbon Based Cathodes for PEMFC
ECN-L--09-178 EN december 2009; 22 pag.
Presented at: 212th Electrochemistry Society Meeting, Vienna, Austria.
Lebedeva, N.P.; Booij, A.S.; Voropaev, I. ; Simonov, P.A.; Romanenko, A.V. ;
Sibunit Carbon-Based Cathodes for Proton-Exchange-Membrane Fuel Cells
ECN-W--09-049 EN december 2009; 12 pag.
Published in: Fuel Cells (Wiley-VCH), 2009, Ed.4, p.439-452.
Wienke, J.A.; Booij, A.S.;
Spray deposition of oxides at ambient atmosphere, Part 1: Transparent conductive oxides
ECN-M--06-097 EN november 2006; 0 pag.
Presented at: Thüringer Grenz- und Oberflächentage, Oberhof, Germany, 13-14 september 2006.
Wienke, J.A.; Booij, A.S.;
IZO and ITO deposition by spray pyrolysis- influence of the growth conditions on the electical and optical properties
ECN-RX--06-043 EN juni 2006; 4 pag.
Presented at: 6th International conference on coatings on glass and plastics, Dresden, Germany, 13-22 juni 2006.
Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Booij, A.S.; Laan, R.R. van der;
Thermochemische eigenschappen van de dysprosium aluminaten DyAlO3, Dy4Al2O9en Dy3Al5O12
ECN-C--96-010 NL 1996; 29 pag.
Huntelaar, M.E.; Booij, A.S.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.;
Feasibility study: 32P in non-leaching materials for restenosis: progressreport
ECN-C--96-062 EN 1996; 18 pag.
Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Booij, A.S.; Smit-Groen, V.M.; Vlaanderen, P. van; IJdo, D.J.W.;
Structural and thermodynamic characterization of the perovskite-relatedBa1쥃럻 and (Ba,Sr)1쥃럻 phases
ECN-RX--96-065 EN 1996; 27 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Booij, A.S.;
High-temperature infrared spectroscopy of YCL3 : The vibration spectrum, molecular structure and thermodynamic functions
ECN-RX--92-001 EN 1992; 13 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Booij, A.S.;
High-temperature IR spectroscopy of the vapour over AlCl3 : The thermodynamic properties of AlCl3(g) and Al2Cl6(g)
ECN-RX--92-002 EN 1992; 18 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Booij, A.S.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.;
A high temperature IR study of the vaporization of CsI, CdI2 and Cs2CdI4.
ECN-RX--91-021 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Booij, A.S.;
Infrared spectra of the gaseous iodides of chromium, iron and nickel
ECN-RX--91-103 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Booij, A.S.;
The infrared spectra of gaseous P4O10, As4O6, and As4O10
ECN-RX--91-079 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Booij, A.S.;
The IR spectrum of WCl6 in solution and gas-phase.
ECN-RX--91-012 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Booij, A.S.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.;
The high-temperature vibration spectrum of CsOH vapour.
ECN-RX--90-066 EN 1990; 0 pag.
Konings, R.J.M.; Booij, A.S.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.;
The vibrational spectrum of gaseous cesium metaborate.
ECN-RX--90-032 EN 1990; 0 pag.