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Publications from author Reinders, M. 
Reinders, M.; Pos, A.; Neut, F. van der;
DYANA: best-first hierarchical diagnosis based on differential equation models
ECN-RX--93-011 EN 1993; 14 pag.
Reinders, M.; Pos, A.;
DYANA: an application of methods for diagnosis of continuous dynamic systems
ECN-RX--92-032 EN 1992; 14 pag.
Reinders, M.; Bredeweg, B.;
Reflective strategic control of multiple problem solving methods
ECN-RX--92-019 EN 1992; 10 pag.
Reinders, M.; Akkermans, J.M.; Balder, J.R.;
A conceptual modelling framework for knowledge-level reflection.
ECN-RX--91-033 EN 1991; 0 pag.
Reinders, M.; Akkermans, J.M.;
Strategische besturing van diagnosetaken in een reflectief kennissysteem. : Gepubliceerd in de proceedings van de Nederlandse AI-conferentie/AI-; toepassingen NAIC/AIT 1991, Amsterdam, 27 en 28 november 1991
ECN-RX--91-104 NL 1991; 0 pag.
Akkermans, J.M.; Reinders, M.;
Preliminary comments on knowledge-level reflection in KBS. : Paper proposal for the European conference on artificial intelligence ECAI-90, ; Stockholm, 6-10 August 1990.
ECN-I--90-001 EN 1990; 0 pag.