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Publications from author Dickinson, S. 
Ball, R.G.; Bowsher, B.R.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Dickinson, S.; Huntelaar, M.E.; Konings, R.J.M.;
Contributions to the IUPAC symposium, Snowbird : Thermochemistry of selected fission product compounds. The ternary system BaSiO3-SrSiO3-SiO2
ECN-RX--92-050 EN 1992; 42 pag.
Dickinson, S.; Konings, R.J.M.;
Infrared spectroscopy of the vapour over InI3
ECN-RX--92-044 EN 1992; 14 pag.
Ball, R.G.J.; Dickinson, S.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Konings, R.J.M.;
Thermochemical data acquisition : Part II.
ECN-C--92-033 EN 1992; 118 pag.
Ball, R.G.J.; Bowsher, B.R.; Cordfunke, E.H.P.; Dickinson, S.; Konings, R.J.M.; Rand, M.H.;
Thermochemical data acquisition.
ECN--91-002 EN 1991; 0 pag.