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Publications from author Kosson, D.S. 
Sloot, H.A. van der; Zomeren, A. van; Seignette, P.F.A.B.; Dijkstra, J.J.; Comans, R.N.J.; Meeussen, J.C.L.; Kosson, D.S.; Hjelmar, O.;
Evaluation of environmental aspects of alternative materials using an integrated approach assisted by a database/expert system
ECN-RX--03-031 EN juni 2003; 24 pag.
Presented at: Advances in Waste Management and Recycling, Dundee, Scotland, 9-11 september 2003.
Sloot, H.A. van der; Kosson, D.S.;
A unified approach for the judgement of environmental properties of construction materials (cement-based, asphaltic, unbound aggregates, soil) in different stages of their life cycle
ECN-RX--03-032 EN juni 2003; 15 pag.
Presented at: 5th International Conference on the Environmental and Technical Implications of Construction with Alternative Materials 'Wascon 2003', San Sebastián, Spain, 4-6 juni 2003.
Sloot, H.A. van der; Eighmy, T.T.; Cook, R.A.; Gress, D.L.; Coviello, A.; Spear, J.C.M.; Hover, K.; Pinto, R.; Hobbs, S.; Kosson, D.S.; Sanchez, F.; Korhonen, C.; Simon, M.;
Use of accelerated aging to predict behavior of recycled materials in concrete pavements. Physical and environmental comparison of laboratory-aged samples with field pavements
ECN-RX--02-061 EN november 2002; 11 pag.
Published in: Transportation Research Record 1792, Paper No. 02-2452, p. 118-128 (), , Ed., p.-.
Sloot, H.A. van der; Kosson, D.S.; Sanchez, F.; Garrabrants, A.C.;
An integrated framework for evaluating leaching in waste management and utilization of secondary materials
ECN-RX--02-034 EN maart 2002; 46 pag.
Published in: Environmental Engineering Science (Mary Ann Liebert, Inc), 2002, Ed.19, no. 3, p.-.
Sloot, H.A. van der; Kosson, D.S.; Hjelmar, O.;
Characteristics, treatment and utilization of residues from municipal waste incineration
ECN-RX--01-009 EN februari 2001; 21 pag.
Published in: Accepted for publication in: Waste Management (2001) (), , Ed., p.-.
Sloot, H.A. van der; Kosson, D.S.; Hjelmar, O.;
Characteristics, treatment and utilization of residues from municipal waste incineration
ECN-RX--99-017 EN mei 1999; 18 pag.
Published in: Contribution to the Sustain 99 Conference, RAI Amsterdam, May 26th, 1999 (), , Ed., p.-.
Kosson, D.S.; Sloot, H.A. van der;
Integration of testing protocols for evaluation of contaminant release from monolithic and granular wastes
ECN-RX--98--004 EN maart 1998; 15 pag.
Published in: Waste Materials in Construction - Putting Theory Into Practice. Studies in Environmental Science 71 (), , Ed., p.-.
Sloot, H.A. van der; Kosson, D.S.; Cnubben, P.A.J.P.; Hoede, D.; Hjelmar, O.;
Waste characterization to modify waste quality prior to disposal
ECN-RX--97-036 EN 1997; 28 pag.
Published in: Bijdrage Conferentie Sardinie, October 1997 (), , Ed., p.-.
Sloot, H.A. van der; Kosson, D.S.;
Leaching tests as a tool in waste management to evaluate thepotential for utilization of waste materials
ECN-R--94-029 EN 1995; 35 pag.
Schaefer, C.E.; Arands, R.R.; Sloot, H.A. van der; Kosson, D.S.;
Prediction and experimental validation of liquid phase diffusionresistance in unsaturated soils
ECN-RX--95-009 EN 1995; 37 pag.
Sloot, H.A. van der; Comans, R.N.J.; Eighmy, T.T.; Kosson, D.S.;
Interpretation of MSWI residue leaching data in relation to utilization and disposal
ECN-RX--92-051 EN 1992; 11 pag.