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Publications from author Houwink, R. 
Brand, A.J.; Garrel, A. van; Snel, H.; Rozendal, D.; Houwink, R.; Rooij, R.J.P.O.M. van; Timmer, W.A.;
Voorstudie radiale stroming in overtrek
ECN-C--00-002 NL december 2000; 60 pag.
Snel, H.; Houwink, R.; Bosschers, J.; Piers, W.J.; Bussel, G.J.W. van; Bruining, A.;
Sectional prediction of 3-D effects for stalled flow on rotating blades and comparison with measurements
ECN-RX--93-028 EN 1993; 7 pag.