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Publications from author Oms, M.T. 
Wyers, G.P.; Otjes, R.P.; Slanina, J.; Khlystov, A.; Oms, M.T.; Jongejan, P.A.C.; Veltkamp, A.C.; Bai, Y.;
Development of instrumentation for the measurement of atmosphericconcentrations of acidifying compounds
ECN-C--96-039 EN 1996; 53 pag.
Oms, M.T.; Veltkamp, A.C.; Jongejan, P.A.C.; Wyers, G.P.; Slanina, J.;
Continuous monitoring of atmospheric HCl, HNO2, HNO3 and SO2 bywet-annular denuder air sampling with on-line chromatographic analysis
ECN-R--95-003 EN 1995; 26 pag.