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Publications from author Timpe, C. 
Lise, W.; Boots, M.G.; Joode, J. de; Donkelaar, M. ten; Timpe, C.;
Existing tracking schemes in Europe. E-TRACK WP1 report
ECN-C--05-063 EN maart 2006; 144 pag.
Lise, W.; Joode, J. de; Donkelaar, M. ten; Boots, M.G.; Timpe, C.; Vrolijk, C.;
Framework conditions for tracking electricity in Europe. E-TRACK WP2 report
ECN-C--06-014 EN maart 2006; 37 pag.
Uyterlinde, M.A.; Jansen, J.C.; Linden, N.H. van der; Vrolijk, C.; Green, J.; Timpe, C.; Bürger, V.; Rivero García, F.; Yerro, G.P.;
Guarantees of origin and multiple counting of electricity from renewable sources. RE-GO phase 3 report
ECN-C--04-098 EN oktober 2004; 47 pag.
Linden, N.H. van der; Jansen, J.C.; Uyterlinde, M.A.; Bürger, V.; Rivero García, F.; Green, J.; Timpe, C.; Vrolijk, C.; White, S.; Yerro, G.P.;
Guarantees of origin as a tool for renewable energy policy formulation
ECN-C--04-078 EN september 2004; 85 pag.
Scheepers, M.J.J.; Timpe, C.;
A look into the future. Scenarios for distributed generation in Europe
ECN-C--04-012 EN december 2003; 25 pag.
Schaeffer, G.J.; Boots, M.G.; Mitchell, C.; Timpe, C.; Cames, M.; Anderson, T.;
Options for design of tradable green certificate systems
ECN-C--00-032 EN maart 2000; 88 pag.
Schaeffer, G.J.; Boots, M.G.; Mitchell, C.; Timpe, C.; Cames, M.; Anderson, T.;
The implications of tradable green certificates for the deployment of renewable electricity: mid-term report
ECN-C--99-072 EN oktober 1999; 87 pag.