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Publications from author Mosquera, J. 
Erisman, J.W.; Mosquera, J.; Monteny, G.J.;
Overview and assessment of techniques to measure ammonia emissions from animal houses: the case of the Netherlands
ECN-RX--05-094 EN maart 2005; 9 pag.
Published in: Environmental Pollution (Elsevier), 2005, Ed.135, p.381-388.
Mosquera, J.; Hensen, A.; Bulk, W.C.M. van den; Vermeulen, A.T.; Erisman, J.W.; Möls, J.J.;
NH3 flux measurements at Schagerbrug and Oostvaardersplassen, the Dutch contribution to the GRAMINAE experiment
ECN-C--00-079 EN juli 2000; 53 pag.
Erisman, J.W.; Mosquera, J.; Hensen, A.;
Scientific basis for an integrated nitrogen approach
ECN-RX--99-033 EN oktober 1999; 18 pag.
Published in: Paper presented at the 10th Nitrogen workshop in Copenhagen, 23-26 August 1999. - Submitted to Plant and Soil (), , Ed., p.-.