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Publications from author Veenkamp, J.M. 
Dijkstra, J.W.; Veenkamp, J.M.;
Inventarisatie fuel processing opties voor vervoerstoepassingen
ECN-C--01-097 NL december 2001; 34 pag.
Reith, J.H.; Veenkamp, J.M.; Ree, R. van; Laat, W.T.A.M. de; Niessen, J.J.; Jong, E. de; Elbersen, H.W.; Claassen, P.A.M.;
Co-production of bio-ethanol, electricity and heat from biomass wastes : potential and R&D issues
ECN-RX--01-011 EN april 2001; 12 pag.
Presented at: First European Conference on Agriculture & Renewable Energy, RAI Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 6-8 mei 2001.
Lange, T.J. de; Beeldman, M.; Kiel, J.H.A.; Uil, H. den; Veenkamp, J.M.;
Co-production of fuels as an option for Demkolec? : a preliminary review of opportunities for the co-production of liquid or gaseous energy carriers
ECN-C--01-004 EN maart 2001; 69 pag.