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Publications from author Veenstra, S.C. 
Luxembourg, S.L.; Zhang, D.; Najafi, M.; Zardetto, V.; Veenstra, S.C.; Geerligs, L.J.;
Perovskite/Crystalline silicon tandems: impact of Perovskite band gap and crystalline silicon cell architecture
ECN-M--17-035 EN september 2017; 5 pag.
Presented at: EUPVSEC, Amsterdam, 25-29 september 2017.
Luxembourg, S.L.; Zhang, D.; Najafi, M.; Zardetto, V.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Burgers, A.R.; Veenstra, S.C.; Geerligs, L.J.;
Crystalline silicon solar cell with front and rear polysilicon passivated contacts as bottom cell for hybrid tandems
ECN-W--17-014 EN september 2017; 7 pag.
Published in: Energy Procedia (Elsevier), 2017, Ed.Volume 125, p.621-627.
Luxembourg, S.L.; Zhang, D.; Wu, Y.; Geerligs, L.J.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Veenstra, S.C.;
Evaluation of bottom cell concepts for perovskite / crystalline silicon tandems
ECN-M--16-060 EN augustus 2016; 5 pag.
Gevaerts, V.S.; Biezemans, A.F.K.V.; Passet, Q.; Eggenhuizen, T.; Willems, R.; Veenstra, S.C.; Gilot, J.; Kroon, J.M.; Andriessen, R.;
Digitally printed photovoltaic devices with increasing stack complexity
ECN-M--16-041 EN juni 2016; 2 pag.
Etxebarria, I.; Furlan, A.; Ajuria, J.; Fecher, F.W.; Voigt, M.; Brabec, C.J.; Wienke, M.M.; Slooff, L.H.; Veenstra, S.C.; Gilot, J.; Pacios, R.;
Series vs parallel connected organic tandem solar cells: cell performance and impact on the design and operation of functional modules
ECN-W--14-028 EN augustus 2014; 10 pag.
Published in: Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (Elsevier), 2014, Ed.130, p.495-504.
Slooff, L.H.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Koster, L.J.A.; Galagan, Y.;
Describing the light intensity dependence of polymer: fullerene solar cells using an adapted Shockley diode model
ECN-W--13-043 EN januari 2014; 7 pag.
Published in: Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (The Royal Society of Chemistry), 2014, Ed.16, p.5732-5738.
Slooff, L.H.; Burgers, A.R.; Bende, E.E.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.;
Parameter study for polymer solar modules based on various cell lengths and light intensities
ECN-M--13-038 EN september 2013; 5 pag.
Slooff, L.H.; Brockholz, B.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Veenstra, S.C.; Cobussen - Pool, E.M.; Kroon, J.M.; Bende, E.E.;
Determination of the intrinsic diode parameters of polymer solar cells
ECN-W--13-010 EN maart 2013; 11 pag.
Published in: Energy Procedia (Elsevier), 2012, Ed.31, p.11-20.
Galagan, Y.; Coenen, E.W.C.; Sabik, S.; Gorter, H.; Barink, M.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Andriessen, R.; Blom, P.;
Evaluation of ink-jet printed current collecting grids and busbars for ITO-free organic solar cells
ECN-W--12-011 EN april 2012; 7 pag.
Published in: Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (Elsevier), 2012, Ed.104, p.32-38.
Sondergaard, R.R.; Makris, T.; Lianos, P.; Manor, A.; Katz, E.A.; Gong, W.; Tuladhar, S.M.; Nelson, J.; Tuomi, R.; Sommeling, P.M.; Veenstra, S.C.; Rivaton, A.; Dupuis, A.; Teran-Escobar, G.; Lira-Cantu, M.; Sapkota, B; Zimmermann, B.; Wuerfel, U.; Matzarakis, A.; Krebs, F.C.;
The use of polyurethane as encapsulating method for polymer solar cells – an inter laboratory study on outdoor stability in 8 countries
ECN-W--12-010 EN januari 2012; 9 pag.
Published in: Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (Elsevier), 2012, Ed.99, p.292-300.
Galagan, Y.; Zimmermann, B.; Coenen, E.W.C.; Jorgensen, M.; Tanenbaum, D.M.; Krebs, F.C.; Gorter, H.; Sabik, S.; Slooff, L.H.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Andriessen, R.;
Current collecting grids for ITO-free solar cells
ECN-W--11-069 EN januari 2012; 8 pag.
Published in: Advanced Energy Materials (Wiley-VCH), 2012, Ed.Vol.2, issue 1, p.169-.
Veenstra, S.C.; Grossiord, N.; Galagan, Y.; Andriessen, R.; Blom, P.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Budel, T.; Slooff, L.H.; Kroon, J.M.;
Towards an all-solution processed polymer solar cell
ECN-M--11-018 EN september 2011; 4 pag.
Galagan, Y.; Rubingh, E.; Andriessen, R.; Fan, C-C.; Blom, P.W.M.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.;
ITO-free flexible organic solar cells with printed current collecting grids
ECN-W--10-043 EN december 2010; 5 pag.
Published in: Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (Elsevier), 2011, Ed.95, p.1339-1343.
Andriessen, R.; Galagan, Y.; Rubingh, E.; Grossiord, N.; Blom, P.W.M.; Kroon, J.M.; Veenstra, S.C.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Slooff, L.H.; Pex, P.P.A.C.;
Towards low cost, efficient and stable organic photovoltaic modules
ECN-M--10-037 EN september 2010; 7 pag.
Presented at: 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition - 5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, Valencia, Spain, 6-10 september 2010.
Galagan, Y.; Vries, I. de; Langen, A.; Andriessen, R.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.;
Technology Development for Roll-to-Roll Production of Organic Photovoltaics
ECN-W--10-042 EN augustus 2010; 8 pag.
Published in: Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification (Elsevier), 2011, Ed.50, p.454-461.
Bavel, S.S. van; Veenstra, S.C.; Loos, J.;
Review on the importance of morphology control in polymer solar cells
ECN-W--10-023 EN juli 2010; 11 pag.
Published in: Macromolecular Journals Rapid Communications (Wiley Verlag GmbH& Co.), 2010, Ed.31, p.-.
Veenstra, S.C.; Slooff, L.H.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Cobussen - Pool, E.M.; Lenzmann, F.O.; Kroon, J.M.; Sessolo, M.; Bolink, H.J.;
Unconventional device concepts for polymer solar cells
ECN-M--09-023 EN september 2009; 5 pag.
Presented at: 24th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany, 21-25 september 2009.
Moet, D.J.D.; Lenes, M.; Kotlarski, J.D.; Veenstra, S.C.; Sweelssen, J.; Koetse, M.M.; Boer, B. de; Blom, P.W.M.;
Impact of molecular weight on charge carrier dissociation in solar cells from a polyfluorene derivative
ECN-W--10-001 EN juli 2009; 7 pag.
Published in: Organic Electronics (Elsevier), 2009, Ed.10, p.1275-1281.
Bavel, S.S. van; Sourty, E.; With, G. de; Veenstra, S.C.; Loos, J.;
Three-dimensional nanoscale organization of polymer solar cells
ECN-W--10-002 EN mei 2009; 6 pag.
Published in: Journal of Materials Chemistry (The Royal Society of Chemistry), 2009, Ed.19, p.5388-5393.
Veldman, D.; A., Wright; Ipek, O; Meskers, S.C.J.; Sweelssen, J.; Koetse, M.M.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Bavel, S.S. van; Loos, J.; Janssen, R.A.J.;
Compositional and electric field dependence of the dissociation of charge transfer excitons in alternating polyfluorene copolymer/fullerene blends
ECN-W--08-053 EN januari 2009; 15 pag.
Published in: Journal of the American Chemical Society (American Chemical Society), 2008, Ed.130, p.7721-7735.
Slooff, L.H.; Bohme, S.; Eerenstein, W.; Veenstra, S.C.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Kroon, J.M.; Soederstroem, T.;
Fabrication and characterisation of polymer based solar cells
ECN-M--08-040 EN augustus 2008; 9 pag.
Presented at: SPIE Optics & Photonics Conference, San Diego, USA, 12-14 augustus 2008.
Lenes, M.; Wetzelaer, G.J.A.H.; Kooistra, F.B.; Veenstra, S.C.; Hummelen, J.C.; Blom, P.W.M.;
Fullerene bisadducts for enhanced open-circuit voltages and efficiencies in polymer solar cells
ECN-W--08-015 EN mei 2008; 4 pag.
Published in: Advanced Materials (Wiley-VCH), 2008, Ed.9999, p.1-4.
Eerenstein, W.; Slooff, L.H.; Bohme, S.; Voroshazi, E.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.;
Multi-junction polymer solar cells
ECN-M--08-020 EN februari 2008; 7 pag.
Presented at: 23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Valencia, Spain, 1-5 september 2008.
Veenstra, S.C.; Loos, J.; Kroon, J.M.;
Nanoscale Structure of Solar Cells Based on Pure Conjugated Polymer Blends
ECN-W--07-044 EN december 2007; 14 pag.
Published in: Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications Special Issue on Organic PV (), 2007, Ed.15, p.727-740.
Slooff, L.H.; Veenstra, S.C.; Eerenstein, W.; Moet, D.J.D.; Sweelssen, J.; Koetse, M.M.; Kroon, J.M.;
Optical modelling: a powerful tool in the analysis of highly efficient polymer solar cells
ECN-M--07-078 EN augustus 2007; 0 pag.
Presented at: 22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Milan, Italy, 3-7 september 2007.
Moet, D.J.D.; Slooff, L.H.; Kroon, J.M.; Chevtchenko, Svetlana S. ; Loos, J.; Koetse, M.M.; Sweelssen, J.; Veenstra, S.C.;
Improving Polymer based Photovoltaic Devices by Reducing the Voltage Loss at the Donor-Acceptor Interface
ECN-M--07-043 EN mei 2007; 14 pag.
Presented at: Materials Research Society Fall 2006 Meeting, Boston, USA, 27 november 2006-1 december 2006.
Slooff, L.H.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Moet, D.J.D.; Sweelssen, J.; Koetse, M.M.;
Determining the internal quantum efficiency of highly efficient polymer solar cells through optical modeling
ECN-W--07-004 EN april 2007; 3 pag.
Published in: Applied Physics Letters (American Institute of Physics), 2007, Ed.90, 143506, p.-.
Koetse, M.M.; Veenstra, S.C.; Sweelssen, J.; Hoekerd, K.T.; Schoo, H.F.M.; Kroon, J.M.;
Efficient Polymer: polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells
ECN-RX--05-100 EN februari 2006; 3 pag.
Published in: Applied Physics Letters (American Institute of Physics), 2006, Ed.88, p.-.
Slooff, L.H.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Koetse, M.M.; Sweelssen, J.;
Exploring the limits of hybrid TiO2/conjugated polymer photovoltaic cells
ECN-RX--05-030 EN november 2005; 8 pag.
Presented at: SPIE Conference; Optics & Phonotonics, San Diego, USA, 31 juli 2005-4 augustus 2005.
Veenstra, S.C.; Smaal, W.; Slooff, L.H.; Kroon, J.M.; Koetse, M.M.; Hoekerd, K.T.; Schoo, H.F.M.; Sweelssen, J.;
Solar Cells based on a polymer blend with a maximum external quantum efficiency of 52% and a power conversion efficiency of 1,5%
ECN-RX--05-138 EN november 2005; 7 pag.
Presented at: SPIE Conference; Optics & Phonotonics, San Diego, USA, 31 juli 2005-4 augustus 2005.
Loos, J.; Yang, X.; Koetse, M.M.; Sweelssen, J.; Schoo, H.F.M.; Veenstra, S.C.; Grogger, W.; Kothleitner, G.; Hofer, F.;
Morphology Determination of Functional Poly[2-methoxy-5-(3,7-dimethyloctyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene]/Poly[oxa-1,4-phenylene-1,2-(1-cyanovinylene)-2-methoxy,5-(3,7-dimethyloctyloxy)-1,4-phenylene-1,2-(2-cyanovinylene)-1,4-phenylene] Blends as Used for All-Polymer Solar Cells
ECN-RX--05-139 EN juli 2005; 7 pag.
Published in: Journal of Applied Polymer Science (Wiley), 2005, Ed.Vol.97, p.1001-1007.
Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Slooff, L.H.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Koetse, M.M.; Sweelssen, J.; Wienk, M.M.; Yang, X.; Loos, L.;
Polymer blends for photovoltaic cells: improving the power conversion efficiency by a factor of 10
ECN-RX--05-058 EN juni 2005; 2 pag.
Published in: Abstract voor ICOE conferentie, juni 05, Eindhoven (), , Ed., p.-.
Yang, X.; Loos, J.; Veenstra, S.C.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Kroon, J.M.; Wienk, M.M.; Michels, M.A.J.; Janssen, R.A.J.;
Nanoscale morphology of high performance polymer solar cells
ECN-RX--05-041 EN april 2005; 5 pag.
Published in: Nano Letters (American Chemical Society), 2005, Ed.5, p.579-583.
Quist, P.A.C.; Savenije, T.J.; Koetse, M.M.; Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Siebbeles, L.D.A.;
The effect of annealing on the charge-carrier dynamics in a polymer/polymer bulk heterojunction for photovoltaic applications
ECN-RX--05-078 EN maart 2005; 6 pag.
Published in: Advanced Functional Materials (Wiley-VCH), 2005, Ed.15, p.469-474.
O'Regan, B.C.; Veenstra, S.C.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Kroon, J.M.; Sommeling, P.M.; Bakker, N.J.; Smit, H.J.P.;
Recombination kinetics of interpenetrating heterojunctions: comparison of dye sensitized and polymer solar cells
ECN-RX--05-055 EN 2005; 4 pag.
Presented at: 31st IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Orlando, FL, USA, 3-5 januari 2005.
Veenstra, S.C.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Kroon, J.M.; Koetse, M.M.; Sweelssen, J.; Bastiaansen, J.J.A.M.; Schoo, H.F.M.; Yang, X.; Alexeev, A.; Loos, J.; Schubert, U.S.; Wienk, M.M.;
Photovoltaic properties of a conjugated polymer blend of MDMO - PPV and PCNEPV
ECN-RX--04-118 EN november 2004; 6 pag.
Published in: Chemistry of Materials (American Chemical Society), 2004, Ed.16, p.2503-2508.
Veenstra, S.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Koetse, M.M.; Sweelssen, J.; Franse, T.; Schoo, H.F.M.; Yang, X.; Loos, J.; Alexeev, A.; Schubert, U.S.;
The influence of the polymer architecture on morphology and device properties of polymer bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells
ECN-RX--04-018 EN maart 2004; 10 pag.
Published in: SPIE USE, V.6, 5215-22.Only available in PDF. (), , Ed., p.-.
Svensson, M.; Zhang, F.; Veenstra, S.C.; Verhees, W.J.H.; Hummelen, J.C.; Kroon, J.M.; Inganas, O.; Andersson, M.R.;
High performance polymer solar cells of an alternating polyfluorene copolymer and a fullerene derivative
ECN-RX--05-097 EN juni 2003; 4 pag.
Published in: Advanced Materials (Wiley-VCH), 2003, Ed.15, p.988-991.