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Publications from author Olson, C.L. 
Lenzmann, F.O.; Salpakari, J.; Weeber, A.W.; Olson, C.L.;
Light-trapping in solar cells by photonic nanostructures: the need for benchmarking and fabrication assessments
ECN-M--13-017 EN juni 2013; 3 pag.
Westgaard, T.; Olson, C.L.; Veltkamp, A.C.;
Life Cycle Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules: A Multicrystalline Silicon Case Study
ECN-V--12-001 EN februari 2012; 4 pag.
Published in: Photovoltaics International (PV-Tech), 2012, Ed.15, p.122-128.
Olson, C.L.; Veldman, D.; Bakker, N.J.; Lenzmann, F.O.;
Characterization of the Pore-filling of Solid State Dye Sensitized Solar Cells with Photoinduced Absorption Spectroscopy
ECN-W--10-014 EN augustus 2011; 11 pag.
Published in: International Journal of Photoenergy (Hindawi Publishing Corporation), 2011, Ed.2011, p.-.
Lenzmann, F.O.; Olson, C.L.; Goris, M.J.A.A.; Kroon, J.M.;
Solid state dye-sensitized solar cells: current state of the art - challenges and opportunities
ECN-M--08-013 EN februari 2008; 3 pag.
Presented at: 23rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Valencia, Spain, 1-5 september 2008.
Lenzmann, F.O.; Olson, C.L.; Pichon, P.Y.; Heurtault, B.; Goris, M.J.A.A.; Budel, T.;
Solid State Dye Solar Cells with Metallic Regenerators towards devices with enhanced active area
ECN-M--07-087 EN augustus 2007; 0 pag.
Presented at: 22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Milan, Italy, 3-7 september 2007.