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Publications from author Boorsma, K. 
Parra, E.A.; Boorsma, K.; Schepers, J.G.; Snel, H.;
Momentum considerations on the New MEXICO experiment
ECN-M--16-064 EN oktober 2016; 13 pag.
sorensen, N.N.; Zahle, F.; Boorsma, K.; Schepers, J.G.;
CFD computations of the second round of MEXICO rotor measurements
ECN-M--16-067 EN oktober 2016; 11 pag.
Oggiano, L.; Boorsma, K.; Schepers, J.G.; Kloosterman, M.;
Comparison of simulations on the NewMexico rotor operating in pitch fault conditions
ECN-M--16-068 EN oktober 2016; 11 pag.
Boorsma, K.; Machielse, L.A.H.; Snel, H.;
Performance Analysis of a Shrouded Rotor for a Wind Powered Vehicle
ECN-M--10-088 EN november 2010; 14 pag.
Presented at: The Science of Making Torque from Wind, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 28-30 juni 2010.