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Publications from author Pal, M. van der
Bakker, E.J.; Boer, R. de; Smeding, S.F.; Sijpheer, N.C.; Pal, M. van der;
Development of an Innovative 2.5 kW Water-Silica Gel Adsorption Chiller
ECN-B--13-011 EN september 2013; 15 pag.
Published in: Thermally driven heat pumps for heating and cooling.
Pal, M. van der; Veldhuis, J.B.J.;
Thermodynamic properties of lithium chloride ammonia complexes under heat pump type II working conditions
ECN-M--10-076 EN december 2010; 8 pag.
Presented at: International Symposium on Innovative Materials for Processes in Energy Systems 2010, Furama Riverfront Hotel, Singapore, 29 november 2010-1 december 2010.
Pal, M. van der; Wemmers, A.K.; Smeding, S.F.; Heuvel, K. van den;
Study on performance of hybrid adsorption-compression type II heat pumps based on ammonia-salt adsorption
ECN-M--10-074 EN september 2010; 8 pag.
Presented at: SET 2010 - 9th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, Shanghai, China, 24-27 augustus 2010.
Boer, R. de; Pal, M. van der;
Ontwikkeling van een hoge temperatuur chemische warmtepomp; Openbare eindrapportage OPTISORP project (EOS-LT02027)
ECN-E--09-066 NL september 2009; 27 pag.
Pal, M. van der; Boer, R. de; Veldhuis, J.B.J.; Smeding, S.F.;
Thermally driven ammonia-salt type II heat pump: development and test of a prototype
ECN-M--09-059 EN september 2009; 12 pag.
Presented at: Heat Powered Cycles Conference 2009, Berlin, Germany, 7-9 september 2009.
Pal, M. van der; Boer, R. de; Veldhuis, J.B.J.;
Method for determining effect of kinetics and heat-transfer on the adsorption rate of ammonia on LiCl
ECN-M--08-050 EN augustus 2008; 15 pag.
Presented at: International Sorption Heat Pump Conference 2008, Seoul, Korea, 23-26 september 2008.