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Publications from author Best - Waldhober, M. de
Dowd, A.M.; Itaoka, K.; Ashworth, P.; Saito, A.; Best - Waldhober, M. de;
Investigating the link between knowledge and perception of CO2 and CCS: An international study
ECN-W--14-047 EN oktober 2014; 9 pag.
Published in: International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (Elsevier), September 2014, Ed.28, p.79-87.
Mastop, E.A.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Hendriks, C.; Ramirez-Ramirez, A.;
Informed public opinions on CO2 mitigation options in the Netherlands: deliberating expert information and lay beliefs
ECN-O--14-028 EN juni 2014; 229 pag.
Haunstrup Christensen, T.; Gram-Hanssen, K.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Adjei, A.;
Energy retrofits of Danish homes: is the Energy Performance Certificate useful?
ECN-W--14-048 EN mei 2014; 12 pag.
Published in: Building Research & Information. January, February, 32(1),38-41. (Routledge), April 2014, Ed.42, p.489-500.
Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Terwel, B.W.;
'I reject your reality and substitute my own!' Why more knowledge about CO2 storage hardly improves public attitudes
ECN-W--13-087 EN augustus 2013; 9 pag.
Published in: Energy Procedia (Elsevier), 2013, Ed.37, p.7419-7427.
Best - Waldhober, M. de; Dowd, A.M.; Rodriguez, M.; Straver, K.; Jeanneret, T.; Mastop, E.A.; Paukovic, M.;
Deliberating emission reduction options
ECN-O--12-037 EN december 2012; 116 pag.
Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Terwel, B.W.;
‘I reject your reality and substitute my own!’ Why more knowledge about CO2 storage hardly improves public attitudes
ECN-M--12-079 EN december 2012; 9 pag.
Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Brouwer, A.S.; Riesch, H.; Reiner, D.;
Communicating CCS: Effects of text-only and text-and-visual depictions of CO2 storage on risk perceptions and attitudes.
ECN-M--12-080 EN december 2012; 9 pag.
Best - Waldhober, M. de; Brunsting, S.; Paukovic, M.;
Public concepts of CCS: Understanding of the Dutch general public and its reflection in the media
ECN-W--12-050 EN november 2012; 0 pag.
Published in: International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (Elsevier), November 2012, Ed.11, p.139-147.
Best - Waldhober, M. de; Daamen, D.D.L.; Ramirez-Ramirez, A.; Faaij, A; Hendriks, C.; Visser, E. de;
Informed public opinion in the Netherlands: Evaluation of CO2 capture and storage technologies in comparison with other CO2 mitigation options
ECN-W--12-051 EN november 2012; 0 pag.
Published in: International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control (Elsevier), September 2012, Ed.10, p.169-180.
Haunstrup Christensen, T.; Gram-Hanssen, K.; Adjei, A.; Best - Waldhober, M. de;
Energy renovation practices in Danish homes: The influence of energy labels on home renovation practices
ECN-M--12-072 EN november 2012; 18 pag.
Presented at: 10th Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA2011), Geneva, Switzerland, 7-10 september 2011.
Itoaka, K.; Saito, A.; Paukovic, M.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Dowd, A.M.; Jeanneret, T.; Ashworth, P.; James, M.;
Understanding how individuals perceive carbon dioxide
ECN-E--12-056 EN november 2012; 110 pag.
Paukovic, M.; Brunsting, S.; Straver, K.; Mastop, E.A.; Best - Waldhober, M. de;
The Dutch general public's opinion on CCS and energy transition in 2011: Development in awareness, knowledge, beliefs and opinions related to information and media coverage
ECN-E--12-015 EN april 2012; 122 pag.
Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de;
Social Site Characterisation: Anticiperen is beter dan repareren
ECN-N--12-009 NL maart 2012; 8 pag.
Backhaus, J.; Tigchelaar, C.; Best - Waldhober, M. de;
Key findings & policy recommendations to improve effectiveness of Energy Performance Certificates & the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
ECN-O--11-083 EN december 2011; 47 pag.
Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Riesch, H.; Reiner, D.;
Effects of text and visual depictions of CO2 storage on information processing, risk perceptions, and attitudes
ECN-O--11-072 EN oktober 2011; 1 pag.
Reiner, D.; Riesch, H.; Kong Chyong, C.; Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Duetschke, E.; Oltra, C.; Lis,  A.; Desbarats, J.; Pol, M.; Breukers, S.C.; Upham, P.; Mander, S.;
NEAR CO2. WP 2. Opinion shaping factors towards CCS and local CCS projects: Public and stakeholder survey and focus groups
ECN-O--11-063 EN september 2011; 204 pag.
Pol, M.; Upham, P.; Desbarats, J.; Oltra, C.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Roberts, R.; Reiner, D.; Riesch, H.; Londo, H.M.;
Near CO2 D5.2. Effective strategies for local communication and involvement around CO2 capture storage (CCS) projects. Report on two dissemination workshops in the NearCO2 project
ECN-O--11-048 EN september 2011; 79 pag.
Breukers, S.C.; Pol, M.; Upham, P.; Lis,  A.; Desbarats, J.; Roberts, T.; Duetschke, E.; Oltra, C.; Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Reiner, D.; Riesch, H.;
Near CO2: D 3.1. Engagement and communication strategies for CCS projects: Gaps between current and desired practices and exemplary strategies
ECN-O--11-051 EN september 2011; 115 pag.
Desbarats, J.; Brunsting, S.; Duetschke, E.; Upham, P.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Oltra, C.; Riesch, H.; Reiner, D.;
Near CO2. WP 1.3: Mapping opinion shaping factors that influine acceptance of CCS prior to and after CCS project planning
ECN-O--11-061 EN 2011; 36 pag.
Desbarats, J.; Upham, P.; Riesch, H.; Reiner, D.; Brunsting, S.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Duetschke, E.; Oltra, C.; Sala, R.; McLachlan, C.;
Near CO2. D 1.2: Review of the public participation practices for CCS and non-CCS projects in Europe
ECN-O--11-062 EN 2011; 211 pag.
Upham, P.; Roberts, T.; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Brunsting, S.; Desbarats, J.; Duetschke, E.; Oltra, C.; Reiner, D.; Riesch, H.;
Public Perceptions of CCS: the results of NearCO2 European Focus Groups
ECN-O--11-064 EN 2011; 32 pag.
Coninck, H.C. de; Best - Waldhober, M. de; Groenenberg, H.;
Developments and innovation in carbon dioxide capture and storage technology. Volume 1: Carbon dioxide capture, transport and industrial applications
ECN-B--10-012 EN september 2010; 29 pag.
Published in: Regulatory and social analysis for the legitimation and market formation or carb, 64, 93, 9781845697976, Woodhead Publishing.