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Publications from author Veum, K.C. 
Veum, K.C.; Londo, H.M.; Jansen, J.C.;
Recommendations on the establishment of a well-functioning EU hydrogen GoO system
ECN-O--16-006 EN februari 2016; 49 pag.
Uslu, A.; Veum, K.C.;
ECN-O--15-014 EN juli 2015; 44 pag.
Uslu, A.; Veum, K.C.; Kraan, C.M.;
BETTER Roadmap for enhanced cooperation between EU and third countries – Policy Recommendations
ECN-L--15-014 EN maart 2015; 18 pag.
Presented at: A high-level policy discussion on the benefits and challenges of cooperation on renewable energy, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, 3 March 2015.
Falzon, J.P.J.; Veum, K.C.; Tilburg, X. van; Halstead, M.I.; Bristow, S.; Owino, T.; Murphy, D.; Stiebert, S.; Olum, P.;
NAMA concept proposal for accelerated geothermal electricity development in Kenya
ECN-O--14-020 EN juni 2014; 42 pag.
Uslu, A.; Karakosta, C; Dalla Longa, F.; Veum, K.C.; Straver, K.;
EU RES cooperation initiatives with third Countries - North Africa, West Balkans and Turkey
ECN-O--13-059 EN december 2013; 39 pag.
Veum, K.C.; Uslu, A.; Coninck, H.C. de;
Renewable energy: from marginal to mainstream
ECN-O--13-017 EN april 2013; 10 pag.
Veum, K.C.; Cameron, L.R.; Hekkenberg, M.;
Improving the planning for offshore wind energy in Europe
ECN-W--12-042 EN augustus 2012; 5 pag.
Cameron, L.R.; Veum, K.C.; Hekkenberg, M.;
Delivering offshore electricity to the EU: Spatial planning of offshore renewable energies and electricity grid infrastructures in an integrated EU maritime policy
ECN-O--12-025 EN augustus 2012; 80 pag.
Schillings, C.; Wanderer, T.; Cameron, L.R.; Wal, J.T. van der; Jacquemin, J.; Veum, K.C.;
A decision support system for assessing offshore wind energy potential in the North Sea
ECN-W--12-032 EN juli 2012; 11 pag.
Welle, A.J. van der; Joode, J. de; Veum, K.C.; Feenstra, C.F.J.; Jansen, J.C.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.;
Susplan D5.1 Report on socio-economic approaches for integration of renewable energy sources into grid infrastructures
ECN-O--11-085 EN oktober 2011; 94 pag.
Joode, J. de; Veum, K.C.;
Synthesis report on the trans-national infrastructure developments on the electricity and gas market: D3.2 of the SUSPLAN project
ECN-O--11-055 EN september 2011; 29 pag.
Veum, K.C.; Cameron, L.R.; Huertas Hernando, D.; Korpås, M.;
WINDSPEED. Roadmap to the deployment of offshore wind energy in the Central and Southern North Sea
ECN-O--11-065 EN juli 2011; 52 pag.
Joode, J. de; Ozdemir, O.; Veum, K.C.; Welle, A.J. van der; Miglavacca, G.; Zani, A.; l'Abbate, A.;
Trans-national infrastructure developments on the electricity and gas market: D3.1 of the SUSPLAN project
ECN-O--11-037 EN mei 2011; 156 pag.
Cameron, L.R.; Stralen, J. van; Veum, K.C.;
WINDSPEED D 6.1. Scenarios for offshore wind including spatial interactions and grid issues
ECN-O--11-066 EN mei 2011; 145 pag.
Veum, K.C.; Cameron, L.R.; Stralen, J. van;
WINDSPEED project: 2030 Roadmap for offshore wind development in the North Sea.
ECN-L--11-055 EN maart 2011; 16 pag.
Presented at: EWEA 2011, Brussels, Belgium, 14 March 2011.
Cameron, L.R.; Hernando, D.H.; Dijken, S. van; Veum, K.C.;
WINDSPEED project: Assessing future offshore grid infrastructure
ECN-L--11-047 EN november 2010; 27 pag.
Presented at: EWEA GRIDS 2020 Conference, Berlin, Germany, 24 November 2010.
Dijk, G. van; Veum, K.C.; Tilburg, X. van;
Renewable Energy Law: The Netherlands in The EU Energy Law & Policy Yearbook 2010
ECN-B--10-017 EN september 2010; 404 pag.