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Publications from author Leiser, S. 
Vreugdenhil, B.J.; Kroon, P.; Leiser, S.;
Complying With The EPA Clean Power Plan – A Techno-Economical Overview
ECN-M--15-030 EN juni 2015; 9 pag.
Carbo, M.C.; Leiser, S.; Kiel, J.H.A.; Thrän, D.; Witt, J.;
New results of the SECTOR-project: Production of Solid Sustainable Energy Carriers from Biomass by Means of Torrefaction
ECN-L--14-027 EN juni 2014; 33 pag.
Presented at: Clearwater Clean Coal Conference , Clearwater, Florida, U.S.A., 1 -5 June 2014.
Greenwood, B.; Stromberg, B.; Eyer, A.; Thamer, D.; Trattner, K.; Melsen, A.; Høgh, P.; Kiel, J.H.A.; Verhoeff, F.; Leiser, S.; Dahl, J.; Hastrup, G.; Hansen, H.O.; Jensen, P.D.;
Key Issues in Torrefaction Process Plant Design and Operation
ECN-L--13-041 EN juni 2013; 34 pag.
Presented at: 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark, 3-7 June 2013.
Leiser, S.; Cieplik, M.K.; Smit, R.;
Slagging Behavior of Straw and Corn Stover and the Fate of Potassium under Entrained-Flow Gasification Conditions
ECN-W--13-002 EN februari 2013; 11 pag.
Published in: Energy & Fuels (American Chemical Society), 2013, Ed.27, p.318-326.