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Publications from author Saric, M. 
Saric, M.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Haije, W.G.;
Economic perspectives of Power-to-Gas technologies in bio-methane production
ECN-W--15-038 EN juli 2018; 10 pag.
Saric, M.;
Aspen Costum Modeler – Possiblities and Application for Membrane Separations
ECN-L--16-017 EN april 2016; 7 pag.
Presented at: , , .
Saric, M.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Walspurger, S.; Haije, W.G.;
Potential of “Power to Gas” conversion chain integration with Biomethane Production
ECN-L--14-083 EN november 2014; 27 pag.
Presented at: ICCE2014, Quebec, Canada, 20-22 October 2014.
Saric, M.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Walspurger, S.; Haije, W.G.;
The potential of “Power to Gas” technology integrated with biomethane production
ECN-M--14-067 EN november 2014; 13 pag.
Exter, M.J. den; Lenzmann, F.O.; Saric, M.; Veldhuis, J.B.J.;
Separating Azeotropes using Light and Nanoparticles
ECN-E--14-054 EN november 2014; 26 pag.
Saric, M.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Rabou, L.P.L.M.; Haije, W.G.; Walspurger, S.;
SNG quality in Power to Gas applications
ECN-L--14-020 EN april 2014; 28 pag.
Presented at: EDGaR 6th Research Day, Nunspeet, The Netherlands, 24 April 2014.
Walspurger, S.; Elzinga, G.D.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Saric, M.; Haije, W.G.;
Sorption enhanced methanation for substitute natural gas production: Experimental results and thermodynamic considerations
ECN-W--14-004 EN januari 2014; 10 pag.
Published in: Chemical Engineering (), 2014, Ed.242, p.379-386.
Saric, M.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Rabou, L.P.L.M.; Walspurger, S.;
Power-to-Gas coupling to biomethane production
ECN-L--13-061 EN september 2013; 21 pag.
Presented at: ICPS13 - International Conference on Polygeneration Strategies, Vienna, Austria, September 3-5 2013.
Saric, M.; Dijkstra, J.W.; Walspurger, S.;
Power-to-Gas coupling to biomethane production: a feasibility study
ECN-M--13-023 EN september 2013; 12 pag.
Saric, M.; Delft, Y.C. van; Sumbharaju, R.; Meyer, D.F.; Groot, A. de;
Steam reforming of methane in a bench-scale membrane reactor at realistic working conditions
ECN-W--12-021 EN augustus 2012; 8 pag.
Published in: Catalysis Today (Elsevier), 2012, Ed.7280, p.-.
Saric, M.; Delft, Y.C. van; Salladini, A.; Iaquaniello, G.;
Successful testing of Pd membranes at a 20 Nm3/h hydrogen production site
ECN-L--12-083 EN juli 2012; 19 pag.
Presented at: ICIM 2012, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, 9-13 July 2012.