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Publications from author Kanev, S.K. 
Hermans, K.W.; Kanev, S.K.; Peeringa, J.M.; Savenije, F.J.;
Soft foundation control design and its aero-servo-elastic stability
ECN-E--17-075 EN juni 2018; 35 pag.
Engels, W.P.; Marina, A.J.; Kanev, S.K.; Hoek, D.C. van der;
Condition based control
ECN-E--17-047 EN oktober 2017; 55 pag.
Kanev, S.K.; Bulder, B.H.;
Integral impact of D4REL on the cost of energy at system level
ECN-E--17-050 EN september 2017; 22 pag.
Kanev, S.K.; Shipurkar, U.; Baldacino, D.; Ozdemir, H.; Peeringa, J.M.; Gunes, Y.;
Design for Reliable power performance (D4REL); Final report
ECN-E--17-051 EN september 2017; 68 pag.
Hoek, D.C. van der; Kanev, S.K.;
Reducing Wind Turbine Loads with Down-Regulation
ECN-E--17-032 EN september 2017; 19 pag.
Kanev, S.K.;
Extreme Turbulence Control for Wind Turbines
ECN-E--16-062 EN februari 2017; 30 pag.
Kanev, S.K.; Boorsma, K.; Boquet, M.;
On the application of LiDARs in wind farm control
ECN-E--16-045 EN september 2016; 28 pag.
Kanev, S.K.;
Dynamic adaptation of Active wake control
ECN-E--15-050 EN september 2015; 19 pag.
Kanev, S.K.; Savenije, F.J.;
Active Wake Control: loads trends
ECN-E--15-004 EN mei 2015; 25 pag.
Kanev, S.K.; Savenije, F.J.; Soleimanzadeh, M.;
Wind farm modeling and control: an inventory
ECN-E--13-058 EN januari 2014; 36 pag.
Kanev, S.K.; Engelen, T.G. van; Engels, W.P.; Wei, X.; Dong, J.; Verhaegen, M.;
Sustainable Control. a new approach to operate wind turbines. Final public report
ECN-E--12-028 EN juni 2012; 263 pag.