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Publications from author Hermans, K.W. 
Hermans, K.W.; Kanev, S.K.; Peeringa, J.M.; Savenije, F.J.;
Soft foundation control design and its aero-servo-elastic stability
ECN-E--17-075 EN juni 2018; 35 pag.
Hermans, K.W.; Peeringa, J.M.; Verbruggen, T.;
The influence of offshore floating foundations to the wind turbine generator. A study using aNySIMPHATAS
ECN-E--16-032 EN januari 2017; 66 pag.
Hermans, K.W.; Peeringa, J.M.;
Future XL monopile foundation design for a 10 MW turbine in deep water
ECN-E--16-069 EN december 2016; 43 pag.