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Towards cleaner solar PV. Environmental and health impacts of crystalline silicon photovoltaics
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ECN Solar Energy 1-9-2004
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ECN-RX--04-114 Article (scientific)
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Published in: REFOCUS 5(5): 46-49 (), , , Vol., p.-.


Recent studies give the impression of photovoltaics having considerable environmental impact. Looking closer at the data however, it is clear that these studies are based on photovoltaic systems of the late eighties, with only minor recalculations. Since the photovoltaic market has increased rapidly, a lot of progress has been made regarding the environmental profile of photovoltaics. In this article Mariska de Wild-Scholten and Erik Alsema report on the improvements already achieved, those expected in the near future and the issues that need to be tackled for the development of crystalline silicon photovoltaics. They focus the discussion on multicrystalline silicon solar cells, the technology with the largest market share at present.

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