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Oil substitution in the Netherlands. A case of "negative oil substitution".
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ECN Policy Studies 1981
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ESC-4 ECN publication
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This paper was prepared originally for the Round table 5 on Energy Substitution of the XIth World Energy Conference, September 1980, Munich. But recently received new and revised energy scenarios lead to data adaptions. This preliminary study has clearly demonstrated the importance of the subject and indicates that more knowledge is needed on the subject of oil-substitution in the Netherlands. The Energy Study Centre intends to take a more in depth view on this subject during 1981. In the first chapter the main characteristics of the Dutch energy system are given to illustrate Dutch long-term energy policies and problems. Chapter two gives two energy scenarios, representing the actual governmental view on possible options for the Netherlands. It is stressed here that these scenarios only serve as a FRAMEWORK for discussion of the topic of oil-substitution. Furthermore, chapter three gives the economist’s view on the oil-substitution case and also presents some general facts and figures regarding oil. Chapter four again concentrates on the topic of replacement of oil and gas, focussed on the problems of a large coal input. The obstacles concerning oil and gas substitution by coal will also be discussed. In the final chapter the main conclusions are given.

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