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Energy conservation stimulation programme for the Czech Republic.
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ECN Policy Studies 1994
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ECN-C--94-018 ECN publication
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The report describes the process of assisting the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the Energy Agency of the Czech Republic with the formulation of conservation policies and design of effective energy conservation programmes. In-depth sector studies have been performed of iron and steel manufacturing, chemical industry, production of building materials and the glass and china and ceramics industry. An industry-wide survey has been performed investigating the factors that dermine the intensity of energy conservation efforts in the manufacturing sector. It has been focused on the barriers and incentives for energy conservation. From the results of sector studies and the survey, conservation policy elements have been derived and listed according to their impact on government budget. In the current situation of Czech economy only 'no-' and 'low-cost' measures are considered relevant. These include the stimulaton and expansion of existing information exchange networks, alteration of the mandate of utilities to prepare a role as energy conservation stimulant, continued support for training and education to counteract a possible dissipation of knowledge because of division of larger firms into a number smaller ones, and (limited) support for energy audits and demonstration projects.

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