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Co-gasification of coal and biomass waste in entrained-flow gasifiers: phase 2: exploratory lab-scale experimentation
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ECN 1-12-1998
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ECN-C--98-056 ECN publication
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The second phase of a study on the technical feasibility of co-conversionof coal and biomass (waste) in IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles) systems based on entrained-flow gasification. Phase 1 consisted of a preliminary desk study of IGCC systems and options for biomass co-gasification, while Phase 2 comprised exploratory experimental work. The objectives of Phase 2 have been (1) to assess the application of ECN's unique concept for lab-scale simulation of full-scale entrained-flow gasification conditions to biomass, (2) to characterise the conversion behaviour of selected biomass fuels under entrained-flow gasification conditions, and (3) to evaluate the experimental results with respect to full-scale operation and to identify technical bottlenecks and further R and D needs. In Phase 1 an overview of Dutch biomass (waste) streams potentially available for co-gasification was given. From this, woody fuels were selected as an interesting medium to long term secondary feedstock option for a dry-feed, oxygen-blown entrained-flow gasifier, in particular the Shell gasifier of the 253 MW IGCC plant operated by Demkolec in Buggenum, Netherlands. As a consequence, in this Phase 2 study Willow (energy crop) and Park wood (biomass waste stream) were used as test fuels. 7 refs.

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