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The multi-sector convergence approach. A flexible framework for negotiating global rules for national greenhouse gas emissions mitigation targets
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ECN Policy Studies 1-4-2001
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ECN-C--01-007 ECN publication
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This report presents an approach, called the Multi-Sector Convergence(MSC) framework, to generate comprehensive sets of national targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation. The MSC framework is aimed at facilitating international negotiations on national emission mitigation targets after the first budget period defined in the Kyoto Protocol. The main features of the MSC approach are:

  1. Emission standards are based on the distinction of different sectors within the national economy
  2. The base model prescribes that the amount of per capita emission assignments will ultimately converge to the same level for all countries
  3. Additional allowances may be conceded to countries facing specific circumstances that warrant higher emission needs than countries with more favourable specific emission mitigating circumstances, all other factors being the same.
The MSC approach encompasses the follow

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