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Description of SODAR data storage : WISE project WP2
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ECN Wind Energy 1-10-2003
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ECN-C--03-108 ECN publication
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The partners in the WISE project are being investigating whether applicationof the SODAR measurement technique in wind energy experimental work is feasible as a replacement for cup anemometers and wind direction sensors mounted on tall meteorological masts both from the view of accuracy and cost. In Work Package 2 of the WISE project extensive controlled experiments with the SODAR have been performed. For example SODAR measurements have been compared with measurements from nearby masts and different brands of SODARs have been compared. Part of the work package was the creation of a database to gather the measured SODAR data. The database was created by ECN in order to enable further analysis by the partners in the project. ECN made the choice to create a database structure in SQL.

The database structure that has been defined by ECN is described in full detail. The database is based on SQL, and care is taken that data that is unchanged during a measurement period is only stored once. The logic behind the structure is described and the relations between the various tables are described. Upto now the description of the database is limited to include SODAR data measured close to a meteorological mast. Power measurements from wind turbines are not yet included. However, the database can easily be extended also to include these data.

The data measured by means of the ECN SODAR have completely been re-processed. A new directory structure was defined which is accessible from both the Unix (Linux) and the Microsoft Windows platform. The processed and validated data have been stored in a database to make retrieval of specific data sets possible. The database is also accessible from the Windows platform. The defined format is available for the WISE project, so that the database containing data from all partners can be created.

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