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Invloed van innovatieve technologie op de toekomstige elektriciteitsinfrastructuur
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ECN Policy Studies 30-11-2007
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ECN-E--07-068 ECN publication
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For network planning the Dutch system operator of the electricity transmission network, TenneT, has to take into account long term developments of the electricity supply system, both on the demand and the supply side. For analysing these developments TenneT developed four long term scenarios. These scenarios include quantitative estimates of the peak load and the electricity generation capacity for 2030. TenneT asked the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) to investigate the possible impacts of innovative technologies on the future electricity infrastructure. Furthermore, TenneT’s quantitative estimates of peak load and electricity generation capacity were evaluated, taking into account possible application of innovative technologies. Also an assessment was made of several alternatives for demand/supply adjustments.

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