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Separating Azeotropes using Light and Nanoparticles
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ECN Biomass & Energy Efficiency 14-11-2014
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ECN-E--14-054 ECN publication
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The azeotrope ethanol/water could not be broken by the use of nano-particles that are heated by light. Several insufficiently quantified parameters hampered exact mimicking of a reported breaking of the same azeotrope in the open literature. Normal rectification was observed which might also be the case in the aforementioned reported experiment. It can, however, not for 100% be excluded that the reported phenomenon of breaking an azeotrope with nanoparticles and light exists since many parameters during distillation may be of influence. A rough preliminary economic evaluation, in case of positive findings, shows unfavourable economics compared to the use of adsorbents such as zeolites.

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