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Rol van vraagsturing bij leveringszekerheid in een geliberaliseerde elektriciteitsmarkt
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 1-10-2003
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-C--03-056 ECN publication
Number of pages: Full text:
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The liberalisation of the electricity market has so far resulted ina decrease in (inefficient) overcapacity of electricity production facilities. This can, however, lead to power shortage, as was the case in many European countries during the summer of 2003. Improvement of the investment climate in the energy sector is one option to cope with this problem, but the potential for demand response should also not be neglected.

The report analyses the possibilities of short-term demand response in liberalised electricity markets. Based on several examples from abroad, the possibilities of introducing demand response mechanisms in the Netherlands are discussed. Improving demand response may lead to less volatile and extremely high price peaks and at the same time increase the economic efficiency of the power supply. However, effectively introducing demand response on the electricity market requires the existing contracts between suppliers and (large) consumers with fixed electricity prices to be changed to real-time pricing. This offers consumers the possibility to react to price increases during times of shortages and to shift demanding processes to periods outside peak demand.

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