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Aerodynamic field data from the HAT25 experimental wind turbine:contribution to the ECN/NOVEM project 'Dynamic stall en three-dimensional effects'
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1996
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ECN-C--96-037 ECN publication
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Aerodynamic field measurements were conducted at the HAT25 (HorizontalAxis Turbine with a 25 meter rotor diameter) experimental wind turbine. The data are aerodynamic quantities (e.g. normal force coefficients and angles of attack) which were acquired under '3D unsteady' field conditions. Experiments 'under rotating conditions (scan rate 128 Hz) include operation at various yaw misalignments and pitch angles. Experiments under non-rotating conditions (scan rate 64 Hz) include operation at various pitch angles and azimuth angles. The Reynolds numbers are about 2x10"6 and 1x10"6, respectively. The 'rotating' measurements show that at high incidence the normal force coefficient depends on the pitch angle and the yaw misalignment. Furthermore, a strong delay of stall occurs at the inner station, whereas a weaker delay of stall is present at the other stations. Finally, it appears that stall delay does not depend on the Reynolds number. 19 figs., 18 tabs., 20 refs.

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