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De uitvoeringsnota klimaatbeleid doorgelicht. Een analyse op basis van het Optiedocument
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 1-9-1999
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ECN-C--99-071 ECN publication
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In June 1999 the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and theEnvironment (VROM) published the Netherlands Climate Policy Implementation Plan. In this Plan the Dutch policy choices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2008-2012 in order to reach the Kyoto target are outlined. Based on a long term scenario with high economic growth and rapid technological developments, the necessary reduction to reach the Kyoto target is 50 Mton CO2-equivalents. The Plan focuses on measures to be taken domestically; these measures should lead to a reduction of 25 Mton. The other half of the necessary reduction is expected to be realized by means of the so-called flexible instruments. On this subject a separate part of the Plan will be published at a later stage. The choices made in the Plan are mainly based on the report of ECN/RIVM that was published in October 1998: 'Options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions', describing potentials, costs and possible policy instruments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Based on the policy instruments selected in the Plan, it is now possible to determine which part of the reduction potential can actually be achieved, which is the main function of this report. The expected reduction, the costs of measures to be taken and the expenditures of the government are described. Part of the 25 Mton reduction target (#+#15 Mton) can be expected to be realized by the policy instruments presented in the Plan. For the other 10 Mton there is more uncertainty, either caused by the fact that extra policy instruments are necessary or that the effectiveness of policy instruments chosen is not sure yet. The estimated annual costs in 2010 for the 25 Mton reduction are about 1.5 billion Dutch guilders. The annual government expenditures are about 1 billion Dutch guilders. 18 refs.

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