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Understanding the Energy-Water Nexus
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 2-10-2014
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ECN-E--14-046 ECN publication
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Energy, water and food are closely related natural resources. Energy is required in order to produce food and to purify and transport water; water is needed to grow crops and is essential to most forms of energy production; crops are necessary for feeding an expanding world population that consumes both energy and water. The availability of land plays an essential role in the use of each of these three resources, e.g. in the production of crops for food or energy purposes. The complex system of connections among these resources is referred to as 'Energy-Water-Food Nexus'. This report presents a literature review of our current knowledge of the 'Energy-Water-Food Nexus'. Because the 'Nexus' is a relatively new, finitely understood and unclearly defined term, this report analyzes in particular an important part of the 'Nexus': the relation between energy technology and water consumption. By means of a scenario study the authors demonstrate that energy and water policy should be integrated. They hope that this document is valuable for local and regional policy makers who are responsible for designing and implementing combined strategies for energy and water systems.

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