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Publications from author Halstead, M.I. 
Halstead, M.I.;
Transforming the ESCO market in Thailand: lessons learned from Asia
ECN-O--15-021 EN september 2018; 18 pag.
Reffeltrath, P.A.; Halstead, M.I.; Rawlins, J.S.; Altamirano, M.; De Rijke, H.; Verhagen, J.; Bodegom, A.J. van;
SME Guide to Multilateral Climate Funds
ECN-O--17-016 EN juni 2017; 62 pag.
Halstead, M.I.; Rawlins, J.S.;
Taking care of business: the role of National Designated Authorities in engaging the private sector in the Green Climate Fund
ECN-E--16-070 EN maart 2017; 46 pag.
Gardiner, A; Afanador, A; Eisbrenner, K.; Bosquet, M.; Bucquet, C.; Cameron, L.R.; Falzon, J.P.J.; Harms, N.H.; Halstead, M.I.;
Annual Status Report on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs)
ECN-O--15-053 EN december 2015; 51 pag.
Halstead, M.I.; Kober, T.; Zwaan, B.C.C. van der;
Understanding the Energy-Water Nexus
ECN-E--14-046 EN oktober 2014; 55 pag.
Falzon, J.P.J.; Vignati, F; Halstead, M.I.; Linden, N.H. van der; Pols, D.;
Accelerating uptake of LPG in Maputo for lower income households: Study to support scoping of an intervention
ECN-O--13-063 EN september 2014; 22 pag.
Cameron, L.R.; Tilburg, X. van; Hekkenberg, M.; Halstead, M.I.; Bristow, S.; Ambarita, H; Muchtar, R; Arasty, A; Hayton, M; Nugraha, A;
NAMA for small and medium scale renewable energy generation in Indonesia: concept note
ECN-O--14-011 EN juni 2014; 62 pag.
Halstead, M.I.; Mikunda, T.; Cameron, L.R.;
Policy Brief - Indonesian Feed-in Tariffs: challenges & options
ECN-O--14-012 EN juni 2014; 8 pag.
Mikunda, T.; Halstead, M.I.;
Prioritising mitigation and adaptation options as part of the development of a National Climate Change Action Plan in Kenya
ECN-O--14-025 EN juni 2014; 9 pag.
Falzon, J.P.J.; Veum, K.C.; Tilburg, X. van; Halstead, M.I.; Bristow, S.; Owino, T.; Murphy, D.; Stiebert, S.; Olum, P.;
NAMA concept proposal for accelerated geothermal electricity development in Kenya
ECN-O--14-020 EN juni 2014; 42 pag.