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Energy and environmental scenarios for Poland up to 2015 : An analysis performed with the EFOM-ENV/GAMS model = ECN-I--92-024
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ECN Policy Studies 1992
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ECN-I--92-024 ECN publication
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This report presents the results of a joint study on energy and environmental scenarios for Poland prepared by the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation, unit ESC/energy studies, the Netherlands, and the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, department of energy problems, Warsaw, Poland. Based on the scenarios "LOW" and "HIGH" for final energy demand, several energy supply cases are analysed to meet this demand. In particular, the impact of imposing certain upper bounds on the emission of SO2 and NOx are examined. A reduction of emission levels of 70% for SO2 and 15% for NOx in 2015, compared to the 1980 levels, was found to be feasible. However, about US$ 2 to 4.6 billion are needed (discounted at an annual rate of 12% over the period 1991 - 2015) for the implementation of abatement technologies and the switch to other fuels. The EFOM-ENV/GAMS energy supply model has been used for this study to produce the energy supply scenarios. The EFOM-ENV model bas been developed by the Commission of the European Communities, DG Xll, in the last ten years. This LP model covers the complete energy system of a country and is currently operational for all EC countries. The GAMS (General Algebraic Modelling System) version of EFOM-ENV provides a clear model structure to organize the massive amount of data associated with an energy system. The capabilities to change, check and evaluate data are extensive.

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