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Tradable green certificates: a new market-based incentive scheme for renewable energy: introduction and analysis
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 1-3-1999
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ECN-I--99-004 ECN publication
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In the coming decades the trend of liberalising energy markets will haveto be combined with ambitious environmental goals within the European Union (EU). Currently prevailing incentive schemes for renewable energy might not be in line with liberalisation of international energy markets. A new policy scheme that has been developed recently is the system of green certificates. In such a system producers of green electricity receive a certificate for each pre-defined unit of electricity produced. These certificates can be traded at a certificate market and adds to the revenue that the producer can get for the electricity itself. This report studies the way such a system could work. Issues are the sources of demand for green certificates, the functions that have to be performed in a certificate market, supply and demand conditions to ensure a stable system, the first experiences with such a system in the Netherlands and the influence of a green certificate market on the way renewable electricity targets can be distributed over EU Member State countries. 17 refs.

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