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Publications from author Martens, J.W. 
Martens, J.W.; Kaufman, S.; Green, J.;
Streamlining CDM procedures for solar home systems (Part A): a review of issues and options
ECN-C--01-098 EN december 2001; 59 pag.
Martens, J.W.; Kaufman, S.; Green, J.;
Guidelines for validation, monitoring and verification of solar home systems under the Clean Development Mechanism
ECN-C--01-120 EN december 2001; 16 pag.
Martens, J.W.; Rooijen, S.N.M. van; Wijnants, H.J.; BovĂ©e, V.;
Standardised baselines for small-scale CDM activities. A proposal for the CDM programme of the Netherlands. Discussion paper
ECN-C--01-122 EN december 2001; 98 pag.
Martens, J.W.; Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Kaufman, S.L.; Green, J.;
Towards a streamlined CDM process for solar home systems
ECN-RX--01-073 EN december 2001; 4 pag.
Presented at: 17th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, Munich, Germany, 22-26 oktober 2001.
Martens, J.W.; Lange, T.J. de; Cloin, J.; Szewczuk, S.; Morris, R.; Zak, J.;
Accelerating the market penetration of renewable energy technologies in South Africa
ECN-C--01-052 EN oktober 2001; 113 pag.
Nieuwenhout, F.D.J.; Martens, J.W.; Lasschuit, P.E.; Lafleur, M.C.C.; Cloin, J.;
Life-cycle analysis and optimisation of solar home systems. Interim report over 2000 of ENGINE project 74556
ECN-C--01-057 EN augustus 2001; 78 pag.
Martens, J.W.; Rooijen, S.N.M. van; Metz, B.; Davidson, O.R.; McGrory, L.V.W.;
Methodological and technical issues in technology transfer : a special report of the IPCC working group III
ECN-P--00-008 EN december 2000; 466 pag.
Sijm, J.P.M.; Ormel, F.T.; Martens, J.W.; Rooijen, S.N.M. van; Voogt, M.H.; Wees, M.T. van; Zoeten-Dartenset, C. de;
Kyoto mechanisms : the role of joint implementation, the clean development mechanism and emissions trading in reducing greenhouse gas emissions
ECN-C--00-026 EN maart 2000; 54 pag.
Jansen, J.C.; Linden, N.H. van der; Berg, M.J. van den; Martens, J.W.; Ormel, F.T.; Rooijen, S.N.M. van; Heaps, C.; Kartha, S.; Lazarus, M.; Ruth, M.; Lee, R.; Mendis, M.;
Potential and cost of clean development mechanism options in the energy sector: inventory of options in non-Annex I countries to reduce GHG emissions
ECN-C--99-095 EN december 1999; 32 pag.
Wees, M.T. van; Uyterlinde, M.A.; Martens, J.W.; Oostvoorn, F. van; ... [et al.], ;
National energy efficiency study: the Czech Republic
ECN-C--99-063 EN augustus 1999; 302 pag.
Wees, M.T. van; Uyterlinde, M.A.; Martens, J.W.; Oostvoorn, F. van;
Renewable energy action plan: policy action plan for promotion of renewable energy in the Czech Republic to 2010
ECN-C--99-064 EN augustus 1999; 32 pag.
Schaeffer, G.J.; Boots, M.G.; Martens, J.W.; Voogt, M.H.; Hoogland, F.C.J.; Metzelaar, W.F.;
Green certificates : empowering the market ?!
ECN-I--99-001 EN mei 1999; 17 pag.
Schaeffer, G.J.; Boots, M.G.; Martens, J.W.; Voogt, M.H.;
Tradable green certificates: a new market-based incentive scheme for renewable energy: introduction and analysis
ECN-I--99-004 EN maart 1999; 39 pag.