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Deposition of phosphorus doped a-Si:H and u-Si:H using a novel linear RF source
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ECN Solar Energy 14-3-2007
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ECN-M--07-034 Conference Paper
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Presented at: ICANS 22 Symposium, Breckenridge, USA, 19-24 augustus 2007.

A roll-to-roll PECVD system for thin film silicon solar cells on steel foil has been developed by ECN in collaboration with Roth and Rau AG. It combines MW–PECVD for fast deposition of intrinsic Si and novel linear RF sources, which apply very mild deposition conditions, for the growth of doped Si layers. The RF and MW sources can be easily scaled up to deposition widths of up to 150 cm. Here, we report on n-type doping, achieved by RF–PECVD from a H2/SiH4/PH3 mixture in the reaction chamber. The best n-type a-Si:H layers showed Eact = 0.27 eV and rd = 2.7  103 S/cm. Also thin layers down to 20 nm were of device quality and were deposited at a rate of 0.4 A ° /s. Furthermore, n-type lc-Si:H layers with thicknesses of 150 nm, with Eact = 0.034 eV and rd = 2 S/cm were grown. Good quality n-type lc-Si:H layers can be made for layer thicknesses down to 50 nm at a rate of 0.15 A ° /s. To conclude, the novel RF source is well-suited for the growth of n-doped a-Si:H and lc-Si:H layers for roll-to-roll solar cell production.

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