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Changing Behaviour. Deliverable 13: Report on Self-evaluation
Backhaus, J.; Heiskanen, E.; Hodson, M.; Brohmann, B.; Johnson, M.; Bauknecht, D.; Feenstra, C.F.J.; Mourik, R.; Breukers, S.C.; Robinson, S.; Vadovics, E.; Maier, M.R.; Valuntiene, I.; Saastamoinen, M.; Marvin, S.; Burger, V.; Becker, L.; Karakatsani, E.; Papandreou, V.; Barabanova, Y.; Steger, T.; Smith, L.; Vadovics, K.; Meinel, H.; Bruhn, C.; Rinne, S.; Jalas, M.; Kamenders, A.; Kallaste, T.
Published by: Publication date:
ECN Policy Studies 20-1-2010
ECN report number: Document type:
ECN-O--11-007 Other
Number of pages: Full text:
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The project Contextualising behavioural change in energy programmes involving intermediaries and policymaking organisations working towards changing behaviour‘ (CHANGING BEHAVIOUR) commenced in January 2008 and ended in December 2010. The main aim of the project was twofold: to develop a conceptual framework of behavioural change and to develop a toolkit with practicable tools and advice for managers of demand-side management projects (i.e. energy intermediaries). The conceptual framework of behavioural change was published in June 2009. The Make Energy Change Happen (MECHanisms) Toolkit has been made publicly available online in November 2010.

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