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Publications from author Backhaus, J. 
Brunsting, S.; Uyterlinde, J.C.M.; Pol, M.; Breukers, S.C.; Mourik, R.; Backhaus, J.; Mathijsen, T.;
Beleid voor gedragsbeïnvloeding: internationale studie
ECN-E--13-022 NL december 2013; 105 pag.
Brunsting, S.; Uyterlinde, J.C.M.; Tigchelaar, C.; Pol, M.; Breukers, S.C.; Mourik, R.; Backhaus, J.; Mathijsen, T.;
Beleid voor gedragsbeïnvloeding: nationale studie
ECN-E--13-023 NL december 2013; 106 pag.
Backhaus, J.; Tigchelaar, C.; Best - Waldhober, M. de;
Key findings & policy recommendations to improve effectiveness of Energy Performance Certificates & the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
ECN-O--11-083 EN december 2011; 47 pag.
Backhaus, J.; Breukers, S.C.; Mont, O.;
Mainstreaming best practices in energy demand
ECN-M--11-077 EN juli 2011; 10 pag.
Backhaus, J.; Bunzeck, I.G.; Mourik, R.;
First come, first served: Who will be the initial users of H2 vehicles? Analysis of current car purchasing, driving and refuelling behaviour in the Netherlands
ECN-E--10-081 EN december 2010; 42 pag.
Breukers, S.C.; Backhaus, J.; Mourik, R.; Hodson, M.; Marvin, S.; Brohmann, B.;
Practicing Learning and Learning in Practice. Testing learning tools for energy demand side management projects
ECN-M--11-023 EN november 2010; 30 pag.
Backhaus, J.; Mourik, R.; Breukers, S.C.;
Learning in single & double loops – interaction as key to scientific & practical insights
ECN-M--10-081 EN september 2010; 15 pag.
Presented at: EASST_010 conference, Trento, Italy, 2-4 september 2010.
Backhaus, J.; Bunzeck, I.G.;
Planning and permitting procedures. Analysis of expected lead times for hydrogen infrastructure build-up in the Netherlands
ECN-E--10-051 EN augustus 2010; 39 pag.
Backhaus, J.;
Intermediaries as Innovating Actors in the Transition to a Sustainable Energy System
ECN-W--10-050 EN juni 2010; 24 pag.
Published in: Central European Journal of Public Policy (), 2010, Ed.Volume 4, number 1, p.86-109.
Bunzeck, I.G.; Backhaus, J.; Hoevenaars, A.J.;
Building a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in the Netherlands: influencing factors from the car drivers' perspective
ECN-M--10-085 EN mei 2010; 0 pag.
Presented at: 18th World Hydrogen Conference , Essen, Germany, 16-21 mei 2010.
Backhaus, J.;
Intermediaries as innovating actors: towards a transition to a more sustainable energy system
ECN-B--10-014 EN april 2010; 0 pag.
Published in: Social Dimension of Innovation, 131, 141, 978-80-86131-90-0.
Backhaus, J.; Bunzeck, I.G.;
Development of an alternative fuel infrastructure: What H2 can learn from LPG. The case of LPG/CNG in the Netherlands and other countries
ECN-E--10-037 EN april 2010; 36 pag.
Backhaus, J.; Heiskanen, E.; Hodson, M.; Brohmann, B.; Johnson, M.; Bauknecht, D.; Feenstra, C.F.J.; Mourik, R.; Breukers, S.C.; Robinson, S.; Vadovics, E.; Maier, M.R.; Valuntiene, I.; Saastamoinen, M.; Marvin, S.; Burger, V.; Becker, L.; Karakatsani, E.; Papandreou, V.; Barabanova, Y.; Steger, T.; Smith, L.; Vadovics, K.; Meinel, H.; Bruhn, C.; Rinne, S.; Jalas, M.; Kamenders, A.; Kallaste, T.;
Changing Behaviour. Deliverable 13: Report on Self-evaluation
ECN-O--11-007 EN januari 2010; 123 pag.
Mourik, R.; Heiskanen, E.; Anttonen, M.; Backhaus, J.; Barabanova, Y.; Bauknecht, D.; Bern, M.R.; Breukers, S.C.; Brohmann, B.; Bürger, V.; Feenstra, C.F.J.; Hodson, M.; Jalas, M.; Johnston, A.; Kallaste, T.; Kamenders, A.; Liang, V.; Malamantenios, C. ; Maier, P.; Marvin, S.; Meinel, H. ; Papandreou, V.; Pariag, J.; Rask, M.; Rinne, S.; Robinson, S.; Saastamoinen, M.; Salminnen, J.; Vadovics, E.;
Deliverable 4 of Changing Behaviour: Past 10 year of best and bad practices in demand management: a meta analysis of 27 case studies focusing on conditions explaining success and failure of demand-side management programmes
ECN-O--09-038 EN oktober 2009; 0 pag.