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Technical and economic feasibility of decentralized gasification systemsfuelled with energy crops
Published by: Publication date:
ECN 1996
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ECN-RX--96-051 Other
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Within the framework of a cooperative project on decentralized biomassgasification systems, willow SRF energy crop has been gasified in the ECN down draught test facility. The gasification experiments are carried out successfully. The produced fuel gas has a calorific value of 5.8 MJ/nm3, no tars were found in the gas (only light hydrocarbons) and the determined cold gas efficiency is 75%. On the basis of these experimental results and information from hardware suppliers a global set-up for a 50 and 500 kW system has been made. An economic evaluation of these systems, using input from the Institute for Plant Fibre Research CPV and the DLO Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering IMAG on biomass fuel cost, showed that an economic feasible exploitation is not possible as a consequence of the high fuel cost. The calculated cost of electricity COE is >0.10 ECU/kWh for the 500 kW, system and >0.15 ECU/kWh for the 50 kWe system. Application of combined heat and power and agricultural waste in stead of energy crops can improve the economics in a positive way. 1 fig., 6 tabs., 4 refs.

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